mini/compact Tilting Buckets

Tilt Bucket know-how for mini/compact excavators

CG Tilting bucket
CG Tilting bucket

Lehnhoff’s tilting buckets for 0.7 to 12 t mini/compact excavators are perfectly suited for making ditches or excavating alongside walls or houses.


  • Large tilting range of 2 x 50°
  • Compact bucket shape for narrow ditches
  • Sturdy and wear-resistant: Lehborit 5000 (500HB) cutting edge and side cutting edge
  • Including hydraulic cylinder, pressurizing valve and hoses up to the tilting head
  • With Lehmatic adapter, Symlock adapter or direct suspension
  • All buckets are available as rigid version

MG Tilting Bucket

MG Tilting bucket

CG Tilting Bucket

CG Tilting bucket

Rigid Version

rigid version
Tabelle MG Schwenklöffel
Tabelle CG Schwenklöffel