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Lehnhoff quickcoupler systems

turn any hydraulic excavator into a multifunctional tool carrier

One system idea – two components: from a mini excavator to a large hydraulic excavator

One system concept - two components.
An idea born over 25 years ago has since become standard equipment in over 140,000 excavators.
With the quickcoupler on excavators and the adapter on the attachments, Lehnhoff has created a
universal interface which allows the use of all attachments on different excavator makes. 
Lehnhoff quickcoupler systems significantly extend the usage range of excavators. Hydraulic excavators are transformed into multifunctional equipment carriers for all buckets, grapples or demolition tools which are available for its class.

Higher productivity, better versatility in practical use

The Lehmatic quickcoupler system turns any hydraulic excavator, from a miniexcavator to a large hydraulic excavator, into a multifunctional tool carrier for all buckets, grabs and demolition tools in its category.

An example for improved profitability: MS/HS 21/25 quickcoupler with a range of excavator suspensions in one excavator class. 

Overview Lehnhoff quickcoupler systems

Excavator class 1-2 t 2-6 t 6-12 t 12-19 t 19-28 t 28-40 t 40-55 t 70-90 t
SW01 SW03 SW08 SW10 SW21/25 SW21/25 SW40 SW100
Mechanical MS
MS01 MS03 MS08 MS10 MS21 MS25 - -
Hydraulical HS
HS01 HS03 HS08 HS10 HS21 HS25 HS40 HS80
Fully hydraulic HS-V (VL)
- HS03V (VL30) HS08V (VL80) HS10V (VL100-2) HS21V (VL210-2) HS25V (VL250-2) HS40V (VL400) HS80V (VL800)
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