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Absolute Coupling Control

Since the development and market launch of hydraulic and fully hydraulic quickcoupler systems in Germany by the Lehnhoff company, the systems have become indispensable for quickly and safely changing attachments. Only due to quick-change systems like those developed by Lehnhoff, hydraulic excavators have become multi-functional equipment carriers and can serve a multitude of purposes. To increase occupational safety when working with quickcoupler systems, Lehnhoff now developed the new assistance system Lehmatic Safety Control (LSC). It is available for all quickcoupler systems of all excavators with an working weight ranging from 0.5 to 130 tons.

To make the change of attachments with hydraulic excavators even safer, Lehnhoff developed Lehmatic Safety Control. It is a high-quality assitance system which further facilitates and secures the locking process of the hydraulically operated quickcoupler. It offers a maximum of flexibility and convenience – and furthermore, Lehmatic Safety Control prevents any unintentional coupling or unwanted release of the attachment. The operator is optically and acoustically informed about the locking status of the quickcoupler at all times. A descriptive video on the Lehnhoff Youtube channel explains how Lehmatic Safety Control functions in detail (in German; www.goo.gl/SUdaGJ).

Lehmatic Safety Control consists of several sensors which continously monitor the correct attachment of quickcoupler as well as the correct position of the locking pin. The display and operation unit is clearly arranged in the cab. To let go or pick up an attachment, two buttons need to be activated. Afterwards, the attachment is coupled up as usual and the locking button needs to be pressed. In case of improper coupling or faulty locking, an audible alarm is set off and a warning triangle is lighting up until the quickcoupler is correctly and savely connected to the attachment. 

In case of a correct and complete locking, the according symbols light up green on the display. In addition to that, the sensors of the LSC also monitor the wear of the adapter and the quickcoupler – and report if the quickcoupler or the adapter need to be checked or possibly regenerated. With regard to daily use, the Lehmatic Safety Control excels thanks to the intuitive traffic light system.

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