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The world is multicultural. The world of building machines and systems, too. These days, every manufacturer of excavators, every producer of quick-change systems, and every fabricator of attachments is doing his own thing with regard to interfaces. However, Lehnhoff has been a brand-neutral system supplier for decades now and offers ist customers the right solution for every possible suspension situation – accross brand and size boundaries.

 From A like Atlas to Z like Zeppelin – almost every excavator brand and almost every model has its own individual kinematic data. A global standard for interfaces between excavators and attachments does not exist. The attachment manufacturer Lehnhoff made a virtue of necessity and collected the kinematic data of more than 3000 excavator types world-wide over the last three decades. Thanks to this unique knowledge, the interfaces of all Lehnhoff attachments can be individually fitted to any excavator on the market ranging from a working weight of 1 to 130 tons – regardless of the brand, the model, and the age of the excavator.

 The focus is not so much on rapid implementation, but rather on maintaining the bucket kinematics. The original opening and closing angle and the related full functionality of the excavator and the attachment should be preserved, since this is the only way of working productively and efficiently at a construction site.

 “We perceive ourselves as solution partners for building contractors,” explains Rainer Matz, Head of Marketing. “It is our task to ensure that our customers and clients can work most efficiently and productively. This includes that we can quickly offer the right solution for any possible combination.”

 Yet, the direct interface of excavator and attachment ist not the only issue Lehnhoff occupies itself with. Due to its pioneer work over the last 25 years, Lehnhoff also developed a new universal interface that influences the market immensely: the Lehmatic quickcoupler system. Having sold more than 140.000 units until today, the Lehnhoff quickcoupler systems have almost developed into a standard. Even competing companies in the attachment sector talk about the “Lehnhoff system”. The counterpart to this system are adapters. Any hydraulic or rigid attachment regardless of the brand can thus be adapted to the Lehnhoff quickcoupler systems. Other bucket manufacturers also offer the Lehmatic system – it only takes an original Lehmatic adapter to guarantee absolute functional reliability

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