Symlock adapter for Lehmatic quickcoupler

Shovel and backhoe bucket applications for mini and compact excavators

Symlock adapter

Easily Changing a Backhoe Bucket to a Shovel Bucket
Get even more out of your Lehmatic quickcoupler system with a Symlock adapter. For all applications requiring more depth and reach, all you have to do is turn around your backhoe or tilt bucket by 180° with the Symlock adapter, and change from backhoe to shovel applications in no time at all, for instance:

  • for picking up or filling up material next to walls
  • for excavation work
  • in case of limited reach
  • in case of obstacles
Symlock adapter

Symlock adapter

  • For all mini and compact excavators with Lehmatic quick coupler systems SW01 / SW03 / SW08
  • Lehmatic quickcouplers made before January 2006 can be adapted to Symlock applications by means of a minor modification
Quickcoupler turned in adapter by 180°
Perfect Fit in Symlock Adapter
The Symlock adapter fully supports the Lehmatic quickcoupler system and the benefits it offers. The typical lock plate and coupling shaft on the adapter have been replaced by 2 symmetrically positioned coupling shafts with plane surfaces for the lock surface and pin of the quickcoupler, making for both the conventional position of the attachment in the adapter and a position turned round by 180°.

Make your mini and compact excavator do even more!

Symlock application
For instance, digging deep with the shovel bucket ...
Symlock application
... and loading it full in spite of an obstacle