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Adapters mini excavators

Lehmatic mini adapter SW01/SW03

Lehmatic adapter for all attachments

No matter which brand of attachment you want to connect to your excavator: the Lehmatic adapter brings them together. Lehnhoff offers a suitable Lehmatic adapter for all current tools and attachments.

  • Front: coupling shaft for the coupling claws of the quickcoupler
  • Rear: highly precise lock plate with the two characteristic holes
  • Guaranteed secure connection
Adapter frame

Adapter frame

for backhoe
buckets and bucket conversion

Weld adapter

Weld adapter

for welding onto attachments


Screw adapter

for demolition tools, such as hammers, etc.

Schraub-Adapter Flex

Screw adapter Flex

for special hole patterns/hose laying

Grapple adapter

Grapple adapter

to accommodate all sorts of grapples

Special adapter

Special adapter

 for e.g. for load hooks

Symlock, the adapter with added value

Simple conversion of the backhoe bucket into a shovel bucket

Symlock adapter

Using the Symlock adapter, you can turn a backhoe bucket into a shovel bucket in a flash and vice versa – by rotating the bucket by 180°. The characteristic lock plate and the coupling shaft on the adapter are replaced by two symmetrically arranged coupling shafts with flat surfaces for the lock plate and locking bolts of the quickcoupler. This enable both the conventional position in the adapter as well as a fit rotated by 180°.

Backhoe bucket with Symlock adapter in normal backhoe use is simply rotated by 180° for shovel bucket use.

Shovel bucket use:

  • all advantages of the Lehmatic quickcoupler system are retained
  • ideal for limited range
  • for material loading or for filling in front of walls
  • when digging ditches
  • for obstacles

5-year warranty on clearance-free fit of the quickcoupler in the Symlock adapter. Only applies for the use of original Lehnhoff quickcoupler components.

Fit of quickcoupler in adapter
Digging deep with the shovel bucket ...
... and loading it full in spite of an obstacle

Technical data Lehmatic/Symlock Adapter

Adapter frame SW 01 SY 01 SW 03 SY 03
Excavator class 0,5 - 2 t 0,5 - 2 t 1,5 - 6 t 1,5 - 6 t
Length (mm) 310 335 400 422
Width (mm) 225 225 250 250
Weight approx. (kg) 6 7 12 14
suitable for quickcouplers MS 01 / HS 01 MS 01 / HS 01 MS 03 / HS 03 / VL 30 MS 03 / HS 03 / VL 30
Coupling shaft diameter(s) Ø (mm) 40 40 50 50
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