Hydraulic quickcouplers

HS - hydraulical quickcoupler

Convienient - safe - reliable

Convenient, quick and safe locking from driver's cab at the touch of a button. The locking operation is carried out via a lockable push button or optional with the control panel Lehmatic Control (see figure). An Optical locking indicator, visible from driver's cab, indicates the right locking position of the locking pins.  A constant pressurisation and an integrated safety valve on the hydraulic cylinder ensure an always secure holding position of the lock.

HS 01-03

Hydraulical quickcoupler for mini excavators 
1 - 6 t

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HS 08

Hydraulical quickcoupler for compact excavators 
6 - 12 t

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HS 10-25

Hydraulical quickcoupler for hydraulic excavators 
12 - 40 t

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HS 40-100

Hydraulical quickcoupler for large excavators 
40 - 130 t

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