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Lehnhoff Philosophy

For our company, the quality and reliability of our products constitute the basis to operate successfully on the market. Quality needs to be expressed in all our actions and products. Our most important indicator for quality is the acceptance and satisfaction of our customers.

We are constantly striving to preserve and to enhance the trust in Lehnhoff as a supplier by ensuring highest product quality and ideal customer service. Our actions as well as our products need to fulfill our customers’ wishes and comply with agreements.
It is our aspiration to offer the best consultation and support prior to purchase, during the production process, and after the delivery. We seek a maximum of safety and reliability with regard to our products.

Every delivery is supposed to be a recommendation for future business.

The core aspects of our company policy with regard to our clients are:

  • delivering products of the highest quality with an excellent price-performance ratio
  • providing good technical advice
  • responding flexibly to customer requests and needs
  • processing orders according to schedule

In our company, we want:

  • to ensure a controlled growth and an international market orientation
  • to guarantee a clear processing of orders according to schedule
  • to achieve an optimal utilization of the machine fleet
  • to maintain short but clearly defined information paths
  • to keep our equipment on a modern level with respect to production technology and measurement technology

With regard to our suppliers, we want:

  • to ensure timely scheduling and complete purchasing documents
  • to pursue a spirit of partnership and a cooperative relationship

With regard to our employees, we want: 

  • to promote team spirit and to achieve a high level of motivation due to a clear agreement on objectives
  • to encourage a zero defect philosophy
  • to boost all our employees’ expertise due to training and further education

We commit ourselves to further expand our leading role in a sustainable manner.

  • The highest premise for all business divisions is the merging of economic and environmental aspects and considerations. These efforts are driven and endorsed by the Lehnhoff management.
  • We provide products, technologies, and processes, which meet the highest standards.
  • This is meant to increase the ecological and economical value of the client.

With respect to this policy, we deduce the following objectives:

  • increasing the number of satisfied customers
  • supplying our customers on schedule
  • constantly expanding and improving our equipment
  • reducing the number of supplier complaints
  • minimizing the costs for rejects, unplanned rework, and waste
  • establishing Lehnhoff as ”best in class“
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