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Hydraulic excavators

Hydraulic excavators

as a multifunctional device

Lehnhoff quickcoupler systems significantly extend the usage
range of excavators. Hydraulic excavators are transformed into
multifunctional equipment carriers for all buckets, grapples or
demolition tools which are available for its class. The quick tool
change of all attachments including the hydraulics allows a
new, optimised way of working on construction sites. Lehnhoff
quickcoupler systems are available for all excavator makes.

Quickcoupler hydraulic excavators

Quickcouplers for hydraulic excavators

The Lehmatic-quickcoupler transforms your hydraulic excavator into a multifunktional device for all buckets, grabs or demolition tools available for this excavator class. Whichever quickcoupler, mechanical, hydraulic or fully hydraulic, every quickcoupler is safe, easy and comfortable changend within seconds - in case of the fully hydraulic coupler even with the coupling of the hydraulic connection. The adapters create a universal connection between different excavator types and the attachment.

Lehmatic quickcoupler systems for solid connections

  • Long service life thanks to robust cast steel housing, all contact surfaces precisely CNC-processed
  • Reliable and durable: automatic adjustment for backlash-free connection between quickcoupler and adapter
  • Minimum loss of tensile strength through low build height
  • Long service life and low maintenance thanks to sealed locking mechanism
  • Available for all excavator makes and all suspensions
    • Precisely machined sealed housing coupling claws

    • Locking mechanism/ hydraulics protected in Precisely machined sealed housing

    • Drop-forged lock plate

    • Disengage

    • Insert

    • Engage

    • Lifting

    • Tilting

    • Lock

With the Lehmatic quickcoupler systems, the excavator driver can refit their hydraulic excavator by themselves in less than 1 minute, from one attachment to another, with hydraulic actuation, even directly from the driver's cab.

Quickcoupler types for hydraulic excavators

MS 10-25 mechanical

Mechanical quickcouplers for hydraulic excavators
12 - 40 t

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HS 10-25 hydraulical

Hydraulical quickcouplers for excavators
12 - 40 t

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VL 100-250 fully hydraulic

Fully hydraulic quickcouplers for excavators 
12 - 40 t

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Tilt / Rotator / Tiltrotator

Extending the action radius of excavators
12 - 40 t

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